Amcolon Plus

(13-8-24+10 CaO+TE) special water-soluble fertilizer provide the major elements of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium as well provide an important elements and high amount of calcium. Amcolon Plus contains high percentage of potassium with calcium which it is best to use on fruiting stage: to increase fruit size and improve cell wall strength. Amcolon Plus improve fruit shelf and fruit quality Amcolon Plus is fast acting fertilizer due to component of pure source of nutrients Amcolon Plus provide necessary trace elements which chelated by EDTA Amcolon Plus excellent to use by foliar due to its rapid absorption by plant Amcolon Plus suitable to use by all fertigation system which no conflict interaction between phosphorous and calcium Amcolon Plus suitable to use on hydroponic (soilless crops) Amcolon Plus provide high numbers of nutrients in one product to ease work

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